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Unity Lite


Unity Lite

Improve the communication potential of your business by reducing telephony costs. Unity Lite is the first step for small businesses to enter into the world of advanced communication.

Digivox's basic modular system unifies customer interaction channels, facilitating customer service and resolving issues faster, whilst at the same time using a tariff calculator to manage the costs of all employees' fixed and mobile telephone calls.

A platform that offers greater productivity and management of a key resource for the growth of your company; communication.

Unity Lite aggregates customer communications and pricing solutions for companies’ telephony costs:
- Resolves customer issues quickly;
- Increases the productivity of the team of collaborators;
- Controls and provides reduction in telecommunication costs.

An easy-to- manage multifunctional solution that optimizes costs and has flexible implementation models fashioned to the existing infrastructure in your company.

Benefits and Differentials

  • Modern IP telephony and charging management platform.

  • Keep costs in check with a solution that protects your investment and grows at the pace of your business.

  • Flexible and with many communication resources, Unity Lite adjusts to changing and growing needs.

  • Allows for the aggregation of other solutions and the evolution of the entire system into complete platforms of collaboration and relationship.

  • Easy installation and low maintenance cost.

Unity Lite Solutions


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