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Unity 360


Unity 360

Serve more and better, connect the whole work team no matter where it is, and reduce communication costs. These are key factors for the growth of small and medium-sized business. And you can have this and much more through a single solution designed for your business.

Unity 360 is a platform that unifies and manages all business communication with customers, teams and suppliers. And it does all this in an easy environment, with ample scalability to suit different sizes and markets.

The Unity 360 integrates several Digivox solution modules offering:
- The best consumer experience throughout his/her journey of contact with a company;
- Tools to develop and potentialize call centers;
- Collaborative platform for teams in real time and in any place;
- Pricing, control and reduction of telecommunications costs.

A highly adaptable solution and with the capacity to expand and integrate with other Digivox solutions, enabling companies to realize their full potential with Unity 360.

Benefits and Differentials

  • Improves communication with customers.

  • Visibility and relationship management with the diverse points of contact with clients.

  • Adapts companies’ structures to the current demands of mobility and communication.

  • Reduces costs.

  • Controls and educates employees in the use of company resources.

  • Monitors the quality of customer service.

  • Adapts companies to regulations and legal demands.

  • Integrates solutions with business tools and processes.

  • Possesses scalability for company growth.

Unity 360 Solutions


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