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Unity Record

Recording a company’s phone calls can reveal important insights from interactions with customers, as well monitoring employee productivity, archive customer requests, and other important functions in accordance with each business. There are many reasons to implement this feature in a Call Center. And all of them can be achieved through one simple, complete, and low-cost solution known as Unity Record.

With Unity Record, it is very easy to capture, archive, organize, share and monitor all interactions amongst the internal extensions of a company, during customer service contacts with clients, or any other voice interaction in the corporate telecom environment. The solution is 100% Software-based, which increases its operationalization, efficiency and allows for the reduction of costs. All management can be done via the Web, which makes access to and monitoring of recordings even easier.

Unity Record supports all recording needs for the corporate telephony and call center environment, with the recordings of active calls, and SIP and TDM branches. In the recording of active calls, the tool performs an efficient recording of all calls in a centralized way, without the need to increase the complexity of the communication network with diverse recorders spread out throughout a company’s locations. When recording the SIP and TDM branches, the solution allows for the recording of incoming and outgoing calls throughout the entire communications network.

In addition, the ease and efficiency of Unity Record requires very little of a company’s processing resources, thereby guaranteeing a very low TCO. Recordings are saved locally on each server or can be sent to Storage on the network
with complete security and controlled access according to the profile of the user, defining which recordings of extensions the user will have access to.

Benefits for enterprises

  • Recording of all voice interactions in a company’s telephony environment in a simple and inexpensive way.

  • Increases the quality of customer service and minimizes legal risks and customer dissatisfaction.

  • Allows recording of incoming and outgoing calls from the communications’ network.

  • Call and screen recording resource; a supervisor can listen to the audio in sync with what is happening on an attendant’s screen.

  • Recording management is done through a WEB interface.

  • Controlled access by user profile and pre-defined access to extensions.

Unity Record Differentials

  • 100% SOFTWARE

    100% Software-based recording solution.



    Requires very little processing resources, ensuring a very low TCO.



    Recording of active call, and SIP and TDM branches.



    Integrated with Unity Voice or used as an isolated recorder to record third-party solutions using SIP technology.


    Recordings saved locally on each server or sent to Storage on the network.



    The system can be fully virtualized in the customer datacenter environment.


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