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Unity Dial

Digivox's dialer solution makes the entire process of contacting customers and prospects so much easier and smarter. Using a simple platform, Unity Dial makes automatic calls according to a company’s strategy, provides information and resources to improve a contact center’s agent’s customer service at the time of the call, and allows for the tracking of results of each contact.

By using the Unity Contact Center's omnichannel resources, the solution ensures the visibility of every journey of consumer interaction with the platform. Its predictive dialing intelligence guarantees the maximum use of conversation time with the customer, improving contact rates with the right people at the right time for calls.

Unity Dial is a tool designed to improve customer contact, enhancing the relationship and increasing the effectiveness of the calls, turning investments into real results.

All the Unity Dial system and functions have been developed to act with the maximum of integration with each company’s strategy. The solution uses campaign information, such as customer history, directs agents with relevant data, and distributes calls according to the time, type of contact to be made, and the team that is available.

Through Unity Dial, all the results of the interaction with the platform are monitored by the supervisors, as well as the action of the agents, thus increasing the performance and quality of the customer service contact.

Benefits for companies

  • Automatic, simple and intelligent dialing process.

  • Combines campaign information, customer history, and business strategy.

  • Improves relationships with customer, increasing the success of calls.

  • Distributes calls, by considering the human resources available at the Call Center.

  • Allows for strategic management of customer contact and reduces wasted time with manual calls.

Unity Dial Differentials


    Predictive dial intelligence to take maximum advantage of conversation times with customers.


  • 360º VISION

    Uses the omnichannel resources of the Unity Contact Center to assure a 360° view of the client.



    Real-time reports ensure that the contact center supervisor always has the right information at hand.


    Call centers with the active “Blended” function prioritize incoming calls.



    System can be totally virtualized in the customer datacenter environment.


Complementary Solutions

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