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Unity Voice

Companies communicate all the time with their customers, work teams and partners. Connections that are made even stronger with a solution 100% connected like Unity Voice.

Our platform increases agility in communication, offering mobility through a system accessible from any device and place in real time, allowing for effective collaboration in companies and also reducing telephony costs.

Unity Voice is the core element of a complete corporate communications infrastructure. The platform enables integrated management of fixed and mobile communications, and unifies voice, video, chat, messaging, presence and voice mail resources, amongst others. All this in the same system, installed “on premises” or in the “cloud”.

A fundamental resource to transform internal and external communication of any business, essential in today’s world.

Unity Voice's advanced functionality enables the simplification of customer service by monitoring and distributing calls, adapting itself to each client’s business.

Unity Voice can be used through a SIP voice application, a Digivox IP phone, or even third-party SIP phones and applications. It can be implemented in a centralized or distributed architecture, in a public or private cloud concept; the platform behaves in the best way possible to meet the communication needs of businesses.

Besides significantly reducing telephony costs, Unity Voice dispenses the need to invest in new equipment. Its functional architecture allows for side by side operation with other systems and the management of multiple systems in different locations.

Benefits for enterprises

  • 100% Software-based solution with fast and easy implementation.

  • More productivity thanks to a communication system that enhances employee communication efficiently.

  • Integration between the IT resources and the business of a company; taking advantage of the existing datacenter environment for solution virtualization.

  • Real-time mobility with the possibility that all resources can be accessed from anywhere or any device.

  • Fast deployment as a public or private cloud solution.

  • Resource optimization, the annual UNITY Voice cost is up to 50% less than a traditional PBX.

  • Change from a personal voice system to a system with full integration, quick expansion, customization and low cost.

  • Voicemail and fax resources built into the system.

Unity Voice Differentials


    Modular architecture that allows for deployment on a single server (SIP Server and Database) or redundant servers.


    Redundant Servers (Active-Active), the architecture recommended for customers who want high availability.


    High availability architecture with local redundancy of servers (same datacenter) or remote (geographically separated).


    Distributed locations with centralized management, without the need to install an exclusive telephone system for each location.

  • 100% VIRTUAL

    The solution can be 100% virtualized in the customer datacenter environment.


    100,000 users by cluster.


    It has its own resource to consult with ANATEL’s Portability Database.

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