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Solutions 100% connected. Customers 100% satisfied.

  • 14 years providing innovative solutions
  • #1 UC vendor in Brazil
  • 2,500 clients in Brazil
  • 40’0 M calls per month

About Digivox

Digivox is one of the leaders in unified communications’ solutions for businesses that is impacting the growth and productivity of enterprises of diverse sizes and markets. Our solutions allow for total integration between companies, work teams and customers to allow for the management of communication by any means or place; unifying all information in the same platform. A 360° view of the customer and a comprehensive monitoring of communication channels, in a simple and efficient way.

For companies, this means a transformation in the quality of customer service, agility and economy. For us, this is the result of more than 14 years of experience and a global vision of work; always adding high performance innovations. This is Digivox. A company connected to the main transformations.