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Billing, Audit and Account Management


Unity Tarif

Much more than a simple tariff system, Unity Tariff offers total visibility, management and control of fixed and mobile telephony expenses, providing companies with fundamental information to optimize their telecommunications resources and even monitoring if the rates established in contracts with the operators are being fulfilled.

The solution performs the complete tracking of all the steps in telephony management, working from the collection and charging of the tickets generated by the telephone exchange, passing through the identification of the type of call and the tariff plan, until the generation of complete reports.

Resources such as quota and franchise control per user, cost center and business unit, do not have a limit on the number of locations and/or telephone centers tariffed simultaneously.

A complete tool, a 100% Software-based solution, with different access profiles, assuring the integrity of the data and the confidentiality of information.

Solution 100% connected to your needs

The solution allows the register, maintenance and control of telephone/PABX switches, fixed and mobile devices, as well as all the information for telephony management, asset control, user history, identification of consumption, costs and allocation of telecommunication resources, taking into account the specificities of each modality.

A perfect tool for businesses in any market, Unity Tariff also has a "hotel" module for Hospitals and Hotels, with the creation of passwords for rooms, control of sales rates and the shutting of accounts.

Compatible with Digivox solutions and the main call centers on the market, the software allows for full integration with a company’s IT environment, taking advantage of the existing datacenter environment for virtualization of the solution.

With Unity Tariff, companies have complete reports and can visualize information quickly for better management decisions, including reports by results, values, comparisons, trends and history.

Benefits for enterprises

  • Centralized management of telephone exchange rates.

  • Detail of consumption by user or department via web portal.

  • Charging of any type of call, including inter-branch calls.

  • Bill Verification Module, users can identify personal and corporate calls.

  • Control of quotas by user or group of users.

  • Unlimited number of locations and/or telephone exchanges charged simultaneously.

  • Scheduling of ticket collection and reports sent via email.

  • Complete module to create reports and graphics.

  • Asset and Contract Management Module; this facilitates apportionment and provisioning by Cost Center or Department.

  • Asset and Contract Management Module: this allows auditing and contestation of Bills and Contracts with telephone operators.

Unity Tarif Differentials


    Integration with leading PABX systems on the market and taking advantage of the existing datacenter environment for virtualization of the solution.


    API for integration with customers’ ERP management systems.



    Integration with hour servers, Network Time Protocol (NTP), directly in the solution without the need for customization.


    Integrations with different systems through the intermediation of WebService, APIs, libraries, databases or similar items.


    Collection of tickets through database connection, CSV files, HTTP, FTP, SFTP, among other technologies.


    Queries and reports on screen, printed, saved and exported to PDF, CSV, XLS, ODS, ODT, HTML and DOC formats.


    Internal backup and restore system.



    LDAP integration for user authentication.



    Flexible licensing according to the needs of each company.



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