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Quality Monitoring


Unity QM

The best solution to evaluate a contact center; directly impacting on team productivity. Unity QM is much more than a scoring tool. It is a complete evaluation and training solution including online learning resources.

With Unity QM, you can evaluate calls systematically, monitor the performance of customer service at different levels with detailed reports, add learning content, and create online training packages for Call Center agents.

A complete and easy-to- use tool, a true differential for any Call Center.

Solution 100% connected to your needs

Unity QM is 100% Software-based, including multi-tenant capability to ensure "cloud" as well as "on-premise" implementations.

Totally adaptable and integrated, the tool allows for the automation of the call selection process which is guided according to the strategy and contact goals of companies with their clients. With an intelligent learning process, you can set up content that is segmented or integral, with all evaluation metrics available. The performance of the
whole team is monitored and evaluated by detailed reports.

Integrated with any recording solution on the market, Unity QM is a perfect solution for potentializing every contact center, no matter its size.

Benefits for enterprises

  • Complete evaluation and training solution for contact center agents.

  • Automates the call selection process, using consistent business rules.

  • Online learning resource.

  • Evaluates calls systematically, creating detailed reports to monitor customer service performance at different levels.

  • Ideal for contact centers of any size.

Unity QM Differentials

  • 100% SOFTWARE

    100% Software-based solution.



    Has multi-tenant capability, ensuring “cloud” and “on-premise” deployments.



    Integrated with any recording solution on the market.



    The system can be fully virtualized in the customer datacenter environment.


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