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Unity Collab

Collaboration is no longer a differential. It is a necessity for any business and team. Unity Collab solutions create perfect environments for professionals to exchange information, work together, and stay connected to the strategies and operations of their companies in an instant and efficient way.

All information is shared and maintained with complete security. Multiple communication resources such as voice, chat and video engage and bring teams closer, with them being able to access the same environment from different devices or locations.

Communication between work teams has reached a new level with Unity Collab.

Solution 100% connected to your needs

From small to large teams, from business leaders to operational staff, from interactions between two people to hundreds of collaborators. All types of business can benefit from Digivox's Unity Collab solutions.

Unity Collab allows for interactions with all voice, video and messaging medias from its application (such as Citrus), from a Digivox device, or from third-party SIP devices. Even Skype for Business accounts can be used.

The high scalability of the solutions combines with total security in information sharing and simple usability through applications that extend platform access to different devices.

Unity Collab is a complete collaborative communication system that can be accessed in an easy way through multiple devices and by any employee of a company.

Benefits for companies

  • Unity Collab has all the resources for work teams to remain 100% connected.

  • Real-time communication from any device and with total mobility.

  • Platform with maximum security to share and access files and information.

  • Preserve your investment with a tool that can be integrated with your existing telecom infrastructure, including Skype for Business.

Unity Collab Differentials


    Architecture with high availability, which can be implemented in a public or private cloud environment.



    All conversations and shared data are secure thanks to the use of encryption and advanced security mechanisms.



    Easy implementation – reduction in solution installation costs.


Complementary Solutions

Solutions with Unity Collab


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