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Digivox has been developing applications that facilitate and enhance corporate communication. They are platforms that concentrate all the functionality, security and efficiency of the Unity Collab solutions, in a complete, friendly and easy way to use, like Citrus.

Citrus is an application where all employees can communicate in real time by voice, video, screen and file sharing, chat and much more, using just one interface. Teams gain more work mobility, with access from anywhere without losing instantaneous communication, and from different devices like web, iOS and Android; offering the same experience with all functionality.

Solution 100% connected to your needs

With Citrus, users can create individual or group conversations with the certainty that their information is protected and can be safely accessed through the platform history.

Teams can schedule meetings and connect instantly. No matter what devices the users are using, they can all be brought together for a conversation through voice, video, chat, screen sharing, and other resources. Conversations can be pre-scheduled (MeetMe) or initiated at any time by one of the users (Ad-hoc). Users can notify their availability through Presence Status and choose a preferred device to receive and make calls.

Citrus unifies these and many other resources to enhance interaction between teams and collaborators. Everyone united by the same solution.

Benefits for companies

  • All medias (voice, video, chat, screen and file sharing) in one interface.

  • Real-time communication from any device and with total mobility.

  • Individual conversations, group conversations, or meetings can be created and scheduled.

  • Preferred device choice: desktop phone, softphone, meeting room phone, home, hotel, smartphone or tablet.

  • Platform with maximum security to share and access files and information.

Citrus Differentials


    Uses WebRTC to unify voice, video, chat, screen and file sharing into just one interface.



    Total mobility for its users, who can use a computer, iPhone, iPad or Android.


    Architecture with high availability, which can be implemented in a public or private cloud environment.


    All conversations and shared data are secure, thanks to the use of encryption and advanced security mechanisms.


    Easy implementation – reduction in solution installation costs.


Complementary Solutions

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